There are so many nice places to go for a drink in Amsterdam. From traditional Dutch pubs which we call ‘bruin café (brown cafe) to sophisticated cocktail bars. For every occasion you will find a perfect spot in any neighbourhood.

My favourite ones per neighbourhood:

Centrum (City centre)

5&33 – A bar, lounge, gallery, restaurant and hotel in one. If you feel like having a few cocktails and some lovely food without moving from place to place, this is where you should go. They frequently have art exhibitions in the basement and on Sundays they organise Bloody Mary Sunday brunches. Usually the bars in the city centre are packed with tourists, but this spot is actually quite ok and tastefully decorated. Address: Martelaarsgracht 5.

5&33 amsterdam

Café Heuvel
This is one of the oldest bars in Amsterdam and the interior immediately tells you so. Here you will feel the authentic Amsterdam atmosphere and there is really nothing fancy about this small bar. That’s why I like this bar so much: it is authentic. All kinds of people come together: artists, people from the neighbourhood, tourists, students.  Their slogan is: ‘Als ik dan toch sneuvel, dan bij café Heuvel’ (If I will perish anyway, than it will be at cafe Heuvel). The cafe is located at the corner of two beautiful canals (Prinsengracht and Spiegelgracht). Address: Prinsengracht 568.

Café Heuvel


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