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    Yerba, a delicious veggie spot

    Yerba is an inspiring, plant based restaurant and opened its doors in 2018. As they don’t want to waste food, they use whole vegetables and they care about working with local producers and farmers. Vegetables are definitely in the spotlight at Yerba, but if you do want to add meat or fish to your meal, no problem at all! But even if you are a real carnivore, I promise that you will not miss the meat since every vegetable dish is a delight! Address: Ruysdaelstraat 48.

  • Wush Wurst- & Schnitzelhaus

    Best schnitzel in town: Wush

    No need to travel all the way to Germany or Austria to have a good schnitzel. You can find the best schnitzel in town right at the Prinsengracht, at Wush. Wush was founded by a German couple that decided to open an authentic Wurst- & Schnitzelhaus in the city centre of Amsterdam. It was an instant success, therefore another was opened at Central Station. The menu consists of several kind of schnitzels and sausages. Combine it with their delicious fries and a pint of German beer and you will feel completely satisfied. Address: Prinsengracht 474.

  • Dessert at Restaurant Moon

    Restaurant Moon, stunning view, amazing food

    The Amsterdam Tower (located in Amsterdam-Noord) used to be a Royal Dutch Shell office tower, but it has been transformed into a stylish destination! On the 19th floor you can have lunch or dinner at fine dining Restaurant Moon. You can choose between a three, four or five course lunch or a five, six or seven dinner menu. Since it is a (slowly) rotating restaurant, you will have a stunning 360° view over Amsterdam while enjoying your food. Really recommended! Address: Overhoeksplein 3.

  • Poesiat & Kater

    Brewery Poesiat & Kater

    This brewery opened its doors in March 2017 and is located in the eastern part of Amsterdam, in a beautiful 19th century building with high ceilings and large windows. A place you can visit all year round as they have a large terrace outside and a fireplace inside. While drinking your beer you might catch a glimpse of Julián brewing beers in the brewery. Besides their home-brewed beers you can enjoy their delicious food as well (breakfast , lunch and dinner). Address: Polderweg 648.

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    Off the beaten track: Bij Storm

    Looking for a place to escape the crowded city centre and unwind? Bij Storm you will find a city beach where you can relax while lying in a hammock or sit at a campfire. If you prefer some action you can play beach volleyball. This place opened its door in April 2018 so it’s still a hidden gem. It’s very child-friendly as there is a kids playground and lots of space. Address: Ijdijk 10.

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    Get ready for King’s Day

    Every year, on April 27th, we celebrate King’s Day (the birthday of our King Willem-Alexander). It was formerly known as Queen’s Day. About 1 million people are celebrating this day in Amsterdam. You will find a lot of music, food and street markets all over our city. Actually, the fun already starts the night before on King’s Night. Just go downtown Amsterdam (Jordaan or Nieuwmarkt) and you will see that there is already a lot of partying and drinking going on. Some pieces of advice: – don’t try to meet up with several friends throughout the day on different locations. You don’t have a clue how crowded it gets in the…

  • Bar Fisk

    A little gem in De Pijp: Bar Fisk

    At this new bar they really know what cooking is all about! They have some meat dishes, but the menu is dominated by fish. You can expect dishes like fish ravioli, tuna tatami, grilled octopus, fish tartar and oysters. Every dish is a delight and prepared with a special twist. The owner and chef are both from Israel and the bar is inspired by the city Tel Aviv: there is a very chill vibe. You can sit at a table or just at the bar and have a chat with the bartender (that might poor you shots). After dinner you can stay around and have cocktails. One of the best…

  • Restaurant 212

    Restaurant 212: haute cuisine

    If you feel like having dinner (or lunch) in a haute cuisine restaurant in a beautiful location in the city centre, Restaurant 212 is your place. This restaurant opened its doors in January 2018 and is owned by two chefs that used to cook at Bord’Eau (two Michelin stars!). It is a no-table restaurant as you sit at the bar around the kitchen, so you can see your food being prepared. Every guest has its own cutlery in a drawer you will find in the bar at your seat. You can choose between a 5 course or a 8 course menu. If you would like to order a bottle of…

  • Hangar

    French bistro classics at restaurant Hangar

    Located at a former car park in Amsterdam Noord, you can find this restaurant called Hangar. It has a very stylish interior with round shapes made from corrugated iron plates, which gives it an industrial but warm and cosy atmosphere. The chef already cooked at Michelin-star level when he was 21 years old and you can definitely taste that. The dishes are inspired by the Mediterranean countries and the menu changes every six weeks. Only the French bistro classics (steak tartare, côte de boeuf etc) stay on the menu all year long. In summer you can side outside on the big terrace and overlook the Ij river.  Address: Aambeeldstraat 36. 

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    Dutch snacks

    I guess typical Dutch snacks can not be called healthy. But it is really worth it to try some of them: Drop: liquorice, a candy flavoured with the extract of the roots of the liquorice plant. We just love that stuff. Kroket: a croquette filled with meat. The best one is found at Patisserie Holtkamp, but traditionally we get them out of the machine at FEBO (named after the FErdinand BOlstraat, where the first FEBO was located and still is). Eat it with mustard! Bitterballen: sphere-shaped croquettes filled with meat. We love to eat them dipped in mustard, while drinking beer in a bar. The art is not to put a…