• amsterdam

    Get ready for King’s Day

    Every year, on April 27th, we celebrate King’s Day (the birthday of our King Willem-Alexander). It was formerly known as Queen’s Day. About 1 million people are celebrating this day in Amsterdam. You will find a lot of music, food and street markets all over our city. Actually, the fun already starts the night before on King’s Night. Just go downtown Amsterdam (Jordaan or Nieuwmarkt) and you will see that there is already a lot of partying and drinking going on. Some pieces of advice: – don’t try to meet up with several friends throughout the day on different locations. You don’t have a clue how crowded it gets in the…

  • Bar Fisk

    A little gem in De Pijp: Bar Fisk

    At this new bar they really know what cooking is all about! They have some meat dishes, but the menu is dominated by fish. You can expect dishes like fish ravioli, tuna tatami, grilled octopus, fish tartar and oysters. Every dish is a delight and prepared with a special twist. The owner and chef are both from Israel and the bar is inspired by the city Tel Aviv: there is a very chill vibe. You can sit at a table or just at the bar and have a chat with the bartender (that might poor you shots). After dinner you can stay around and have cocktails. One of the best…