Centrum (city centre)- restaurants

Wush, Wurst & Schnitzelhaus
No need to travel all the way to Germany or Austria to have a good schnitzel. You can find the best schnitzel in town right at the Prinsengracht, at Wush. Wush was founded by a German couple that decided to open an authentic Wurst- & Schnitzelhaus in the city centre of Amsterdam. It was an instant success, therefore another was opened at Central Station. The menu consists of several kind of schnitzels and sausages. Combine it with their delicious fries and a pint of German beer and you will feel completely satisfied. Address: Prinsengracht 474.

Wush Wurst & Schnitzelhaus

De Compagnon
One of the oldest and most unique restaurants in Amsterdam, established in a monumental building. It is a classic French restaurant. Truffle is an ingredient that they use in many dishes and the wine list is extensive. Ask for a table at the window and you will have a lovely view over the waters of the Damrak. It is located in a quiet alley, next to the most touristy street of Amsterdam, but as it is a fine dining restaurant you will not find many tourists here. It is a small establishment, so it is advisable to make a reservation. Address: Guldehandsteeg 17.

Restaurant de Compagnon Amsterdam
Restaurant De Compagnon

Guts & Glory
The owners of this place know how to create a great restaurant. They’ve already made a big success out of the restaurants Daalder and Breda. At Guts & Glory there is a different theme every few months. They started with chicken, and at the time I ate here the theme was vegetarian. You can choose between 5, 6 or 7 courses and all the courses are vegetarian. I didn’t miss the meat of fish for a second. Very recommendable. Address: Utrechtsestraat 6.

dessert at restaurant Guts & Glory Amsterdam
Dessert at restaurant Guts & Glory

At this fine dining restaurant, located at Herengracht (beautiful view), a new menu is created each month. You can choose wether you would like to have 4, 5, 6 or 7 courses and wine pairing. The food is creative, surprising and delicious. Due to the personal touch of the staff the restaurants has an intimate atmosphere. Address: Herengracht 413.

Restaurant Johannes
Dessert at Restaurant Johannes

Restaurant Breda
Named after the city where the owners grew up, fine dining restaurant Breda is found at the beautiful canal ‘Singel’. The dishes are true eye candies. They are open for lunch as well as dinner and the menu is a surprise menu. You can choose wether you would like to eat meat, fish or vegetarian though and also the amount of courses you would like to consume. Address: Singel 210.

Dessert at Restaurant Breda Amsterdam
Dessert at Restaurant Breda

Café Bern
Ok, there are places that I would rather keep to myself, so it will not get too crowdy. But it would be so selfish to not share one of my favourite restaurants. Café Bern opened its doors in 1978 and was created by a Swiss man, Helmut, living in Amsterdam. By that time de Nieuwmarkt was a no-go area. Nowadays people that know Cafe Bern just love to go there for its truely delicious cheese fondue and entrecôte fondue. Just look at this picture and you will get hungry straight away! There are different kind of salads to order aside and Swiss wine. Try to make a reservation as it is a small restaurant. Address: Nieuwmarkt 9.

Cheese fondue and entrecote at Cafe Bern Amsterdam
Cheese and entrecôte fondue at Café Bern

Kaagman & Kortekaas

Two young guys started this restaurant after having gained experience in a couple of very good restaurants in our city (one guy in the kitchen, they other one serving the guests). It is a bistro-style restaurant with very good gastronomy and an intimate atmosphere. It has a weekly changing menu with seasonal dishes. Located in an alley in the old city centre.

Kaagman & Kortekaas
Kaagman & Kortekaas

Restaurant 212**
If you feel like having dinner (or lunch) in a haute cuisine restaurant in a beautiful location in the city centre, Restaurant 212 is your place. This restaurant opened its doors in January 2018 and is owned by two chefs that used to cook at Bord’Eau (two Michelin stars!). It is a no-table restaurant as you sit at the bar around the kitchen, so you can see your food being prepared. Every guest has its own cutlery in a drawer you will find in the bar at your seat. You can choose between a 5 course or a 8 course menu. If you would like to order a bottle of wine, you will be taken to the wine cellar so you can choose the bottle yourself. Address: Amstel 212.

Restaurant 212
Restaurant 212 Amsterdam