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The reason why I like this restaurant is because I am truly in love with Latin America. The kitchen is a combination of good Argentinian steak, Peruvian ceviche and Chilean pisco sour cocktails. It is located in a beautiful authentic building, so all in all really worthwhile to visit. Address: Rozengracht 106H.

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Once the restaurants in Amsterdam are allowed to open again, make sure you have your reservations ready at this brand new restaurant. It is located in a beautiful building at the Prinsengracht. In the basement you will find the wine bar, and since one of the owners, Sabas Joosten, has been the sommelier at restaurant Librije (3-star Michelin) for 8 years, he knows which wines to serve. They have a separate wine room where the large wine selection is stored at the best temperatures. Pair your wine with some small bites which are also served in the bar. The kitchen of Sinck is found upstairs and it is run by Sander Bierenbroodspot, who has also worked in a Michelin-starred restaurant. The price of a three course meal is around 40 euros. Address: Prinsengracht 422.

Restaurant Sinck Amsterdam