Get ready for King’s Day!

Get ready for King’s Day!

Every year, on April 27th, we celebrate King’s Day (the birthday of our King Willem-Alexander). It was formerly known as Queen’s Day. About 1 million people are celebrating this day in Amsterdam. You will find a lot of music, food and street markets all over our city. Actually, the fun already starts the night before on King’s Night. Just go downtown Amsterdam (Jordaan or Nieuwmarkt) and you will see that there is already a lot of partying and drinking beer going on.

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Some pieces of advice:
– don’t try to meet up with several friends throughout the day on different locations. You don’t have a clue how crowded it gets in the city! Just enjoy your beer and enjoy the crowd.
– don’t get your hopes too high on finding an absolute gem on the street markets. Most of the stuff that is sold is crap like broken toys and second-hand clothes. And we Dutchies don’t even get embarrassed asking money for it…
– people tend to dress up in orange clothes (it is our national colour). So don’t forget your orange details.
– there is no public transport in the city center during the day, so be prepared for a long walk.

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