Vondelpark Open Air Theatre

Vondelpark Open Air Theatre

Every year from May until September the Vondelpark Open Air Theatre can be visited. During these months you can listen to live music (classical, jazz, fado), participate in several dance workshops (salsa, bachata, Argentinean tango), watch movies in open-air or attend a cabaret performance. The best thing about this: it is all FOR FREE! Voluntary donations are very appreciated though… If you want you can even bring your own drinks, but there is an open-air bar as well. Check out the whole programme: http://www.openluchttheater.nl/optreden/ (website is in Dutch)


Hi there, my name is Sandra and Amsterdam is the city where I was born. In my opinion, this city is amazing! We have so many good restaurants from all around the world, beautiful museums, romantic canals, city parks, a world famous concert hall etc. And the great thing about Amsterdam is that it is a really small city. It actually is a big village compared to other cities in the world. I have been a host to many people staying at my apartment and they always told me that they loved their stay in Amsterdam so much thanks to all my recommendations. After receiving so much positive feedback I decided I want to share all these cool places with the rest of the world. When I travel myself (I have been to many places all around the globe) I love to end up at those special places that are not stuffed with tourists, but where I will always remember that wonderful dish that was prepared with so much love, or where the staff just made me feel so welcome that I spent all day or night at that specific place. I hope that my recommendations will contribute to your unique experiences in this beautiful city.

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