De Jordaan

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Originally, the Jordaan was a working-class neighbourhood, and not a very attractive one. Many artists, writers and immigrants (Spanish, French, Portuguese, Jews) were living here in very small houses without running water. Canals were used for transportation but also as sewers.

It now has become one of the most expensive and upscale neighbourhoods in Amsterdam. The origin of its name is still unknown. As most of the streets and canals are named after trees and flowers, a common theory is that the name is a derivation of the French word ‘jardin’.

There are always discussions on where the Jordaan is located exactly. Even people that have been living in Amsterdam for years, most of the time don’t know the answer. Well, here you go:
The borders of the Jordaan are: Lijnbaansgracht, Brouwersgracht, Prinsengracht and Passeerdersgracht.

You can spend a whole day discovering this neighbourhood. Rent a bike or go by foot and discover the beautiful canals and secretly hidden hofjes like Karthuizerhofje.

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